New shizz

Howdy peeps,

                       Time to up the ante and provide fresh products and updates daily, I'm moving into merchandise and accessories so watch this space! Thanks to all the artists and customers who've supported the current Legends campaign, more goodies to come. We're enjoying making all theses new designs!

Thank you

Thanks to everybody so far that has made our store a resounding success! I've always had a cheeky ethic to my outlook on music and design so I'm really happy that people are responding to my outspoken, razor-sharp tees by, well, BUYING THEM!

There will be lots more to come, I love coming up with new ideas and making them on the fly, it's a great antithesis to writing music during the day...I get inspired at night by making these t-shirts are great as possible. My dark humour is always lurking in my I would just like to say...

Weez Open!

Funk's Tees is open for business!.. Get your limited tees from Funk D'Void!

New Outpost and D'Void designs coming soon...