UK Shipping Information

Great exchange rate. The US dollar is at historically low levels compared to the British Pound. As of October 2015, 1 British Pound buys you $1.55 US dollars. That means a shirt that costs $20 US will cost you 12.93 British Pounds as of this date. Please keep in mind that currency exchange rates are constantly changing. Customs and clearance fees. You will most likely have to pay extra fees upon receiving your package. These fees are to cover customs taxes (and possible VAT on orders above £15) and clearance fees. Please note that the package may also incur Royal Mail's £8 handling fee.
Fast shipping. If you need to get the order quickly, use one of our courier shipping options! Currency conversion. Your credit card company may charge you a fee of 1%-2% for ordering in a different currency. We recommend that you call your credit card company for the exact rate.
Inexpensive shipping. If you are not in a hurry, you can use standard international mail.